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White Listing



Increasingly, ISPs and mail services are using filtering systems to try and keep spam out of customer's inboxes. Sometimes, though, they accidentally filter the e-mail that you do want to receive.


Please do not blame your ISP or mail service. The volume of spam is enormous and the algorithms to figure out what is spam (and what is not) are complicated. So mistakes do happen.


We all have to deal, unfortunately, with the fallout of what spammers do to the Internet.


Naturally, you want to keep spam out. And you want to receive important communication like our eNewsletters that you have requested (and we only send e-mail that you request).


To make sure that our eNewsletters are not deleted or filtered into "junk" or "bulk" folder, please add the following domains to your list of trusted senders/your address book/contact list (in your e-mail software) and to your ISP/mail service's whitelist...




This should guarantee that you will receive whatever e-mail you need...


It's a shame to bother you like this, but blame it on the spammers. Your ISP or mail service is only trying to protect you. The bottom line is that things have become so complicated in the ever-escalating war between spammers and ISPs/mail services, that you and we are accidentally caught in their cross-fire.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but these circumstances are beyond our control. All you and we can do is work together with the good ISPs and responsible mail services to shut out the spammers, and let the "good guys" through.



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